We have 30 employees working across design, cutting, sewing, quality control, administration and customer service. Our team is committed to quality and service and are therefore particular that our supply chain reflects our values. We vet our suppliers regularly to ensure that they are in line with our beliefs and goals and use UK based suppliers wherever possible. When we use overseas suppliers, we obtain independent audits of their facilities to ensure that they comply with Human Rights and operate in an ethical manner.


Our customers include care homes, schools, supermarkets, pharmacies and various large distributors. 

About Us

British Bespoke Workwear and BBWorkwear are part of Nalestar Limited, a family business that was founded in 1976.  We specialise in the bespoke manufacturing of workwear and have a production facility in Lancashire.   

“Our core values qualityintegrity and customer focus have not changed since we were founded, and they continue to play an integral role in how we conduct our business.” Peter Bibby, owner.

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For enquiries call 01772 431 226 or email sales@bbworkwear.uk